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Comfortable Zeto EEG Headset


  • Wireless, battery powered
  • No skin-prep, no cleanup
  • Comfortable, no residue, soft tip electrodes
  • Adjustable headset for child to adult sizes
  • Precision placement as per 10-20 system
  • Easy to learn for anyone familiar with EEG
Zeto Wireless EEG Headset | Live Remote Viewing


  • Live remote viewing of video EEG through the cloud
  • HIPAA compliant cloud platform
  • Access from any internet enabled device
  • Multi-site, multi-user integration
  • Seamless data management and archiving
Zeto Wireless EEG Device | Intuitive User Interface


  • Intuitive user interface
  • ECG, photic stimulation, high-res video
  • Features for collaborative review and annotation
  • Simple yet comprehensive report generator
  • EEG reading service by board certified neurologists (optional)
Zeto Dry Electrode EEG System Platform

The Zeto Platform

Zeto Dry Electrode EEG System | EEG Recording

EEG Recording

EEG, ECG, video and optional auxiliary inputs.
Zeto EEG Wearable Device | Control Interface

Control Interface

From any device connected to the internet.

Data Cloud

High performance processing, real time viewing.
Zeto Wearable EEG Device | Data Cloud
Zeto Clinical EEG System | Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced Data Analytics

Supporting your needs to explore and analyze your data.
Zeto Wireless EEG Device | Data Management

Data Management

HIPAA compliant data management with up to 20 years of archiving.
Zeto Wearable EEG Device | EEG Interpretation

EEG Interpretation

Annotate, collaborate, interpret and create reports. EEG interpretation services by board certified neurologists.
Wired EEG Headset

The Beginning

EEG was invented by Hans Berger, a German psychiatrist who made the first electrical recording of human brain activity and called it Elektroenzephalogramm. The new neurologic diagnostic tool would lead to major advancements in treating brain disorders.

Traditional Wired EEG Headset

Not Much Has Changed

Measuring the head, marking electrode locations, abrading the skin, applying conductive paste, gluing the electrodes and eventually, tethering the patient to a box with wires. One thing is undeniable: the EEG procedure makes the patient feel sick.

Zeto Wireless and Wearable EEG Device

10X Innovation Arrives

Zeto has made a better world of EEG possible - for patient, physician and technologist. Our zero-prep, easy to wear headset with no-residue electrodes is backed by a cloud platform that offers live viewing, video, auxiliary inputs and tools for analysis.

For hospitals and clinics dissatisfied with traditional EEG, Zeto offers a turnkey solution for routine EEG tests. Unlike competitors, Zeto provides lower cost and faster turnaround time to clinics, extraordinary convenience to operators and a better experience to patients. Zeto makes EEG available to facilities that do not have access to trained EEG operators or neurologists.


Zeto Clinical EEG System Testimonial | Wave Neuro

Accessing an FDA compliant EEG device that performs at an uncompromising standard, allows for increased throughput and provides a user experience that rivals the latest technology assets, was very attractive to us. Zeto transformed the way we think about EEG capture by advancing technology further in the past two years than the industry had in the prior three or four decades.

Zeto EEG Headset Testimonial | Methodist University

An EEG technician at Methodist University can now be more productive and perform more EEGs in a day. The EEG and video recording are uploaded to the cloud where a specialist can read them at their own convenience. The ZETO Instant EEG has been beneficial in the midst of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the convenience of this EEG technology, PPE and exposure time for healthcare workers is reduced significantly. Fast setup and cleanup decrease the exposure times for nurses and other care providers. The ZETO Instant EEG uses single-use electrodes which also reduces the risk of contamination.

Rachel Robinson, Patient User

The most rewarding part of my experience with this device is that there was no glue! Having had several EEGs, both inpatient and outpatient, the most burdensome part is always dealing with the glue, the residue it leaves behind and the long process of getting it all out of my hair once the EEG is done. With Zeto, none of that was a concern which made it awesome.