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Zeto Inc Zeto Inc The FIRST true dry electrode EEG system cleared for clinical use by FDA
The Beginning

The Beginning

EEG was invented by Hans Berger, a German psychiatrist who made the first electrical recording of human brain activity and called it Elektrenkephalogramm.

He attached silver foil electrodes to the scalp with a rubber bandage and used a double-coil Siemens galvanometer to record EEG of the order of mV.

It was a historical breakthrough that gave the world a new neurologic diagnostic tool and led to major advancements in treating brain disorders.

First EEG recorded 

Until Now

Fast forward 94 years and not much has changed.

Measuring the head, marking electrode locations, abrading the skin, applying conductive paste, gluing the electrodes and eventually tethering the patient to a box with wires.

One thing though is undeniable, the EEG procedure makes the patient feel more sick.

Until Now
The Future

The Future

It's all about to change.

Zeto is building a new, better world of EEG for the patient, the physician and the technician. Our product is a patent pending, zero-prep, easy to wear headset with dry electrodes backed by a cloud platform that offers instant upload, live viewing, video, auxiliary inputs* and tools for analysis.

Fast, Convenient, Medical-grade EEG - That's what we do.

* Includes ECG, photic sensing, event triggers and more.



We make no compromises. Zeto rivals the best in class EEG systems in functionality and reliability. We won’t stand a chance if we don’t. Contact us if you’d like to know more about our comparison studies and technical specifications.

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