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Comfortable Zeto EEG Headset


  • Wireless, battery powered
  • No skin-prep, no cleanup
  • Comfortable, no residue, soft tip electrodes
  • Adjustable headset for child to adult sizes
  • Precision placement as per 10-20 system
  • Easy to learn for anyone familiar with EEG
Zeto Wireless EEG Headset | Live Remote Viewing


  • Live remote viewing of video EEG through the cloud
  • HIPAA compliant cloud platform
  • Access from any internet enabled device
  • Multi-site, multi-user integration
  • Seamless data management and archiving
Zeto Wireless EEG Device | Intuitive User Interface


  • Intuitive user interface
  • ECG, photic stimulation, high-res video
  • Features for collaborative review and annotation
  • Simple yet comprehensive report generator
  • EEG reading service by board certified neurologists (optional)
Zeto Dry Electrode EEG System Platform

The Zeto Platform

Zeto Dry Electrode EEG System | EEG Recording

EEG Recording

EEG, ECG, video and optional auxiliary inputs.
Zeto EEG Wearable Device | Control Interface

Control Interface

From any device connected to the internet.

Data Cloud

High performance processing, real time viewing.
Zeto Wearable EEG Device | Data Cloud
Zeto Clinical EEG System | Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced Data Analytics

Supporting your needs to explore and analyze your data.
Zeto Wireless EEG Device | Data Management

Data Management

HIPAA compliant data management with up to 20 years of archiving.
Zeto Wearable EEG Device | EEG Interpretation

EEG Interpretation

Annotate, collaborate, interpret and create reports. EEG interpretation services by board certified neurologists.
Child wearing old wired EEG headset

The Beginning

EEG was invented by Hans Berger, a German psychiatrist who made the first electrical recording of human brain activity and called it Elektroenzephalogramm. The new neurologic diagnostic tool would lead to major advancements in treating brain disorders.

Child wearing traditional wired EEG headset

Not Much Has Changed

Measuring the head, marking electrode locations, abrading the skin, applying conductive paste, gluing the electrodes and eventually, tethering the patient to a box with wires. One thing is undeniable: the EEG procedure makes the patient feel sick.

Happy child wearing Zeto Wireless Dry EEG Headset Device

10X Innovation Arrives

Zeto has made a better world of EEG possible - for patient, physician and technologist. Our zero-prep, easy to wear headset with no-residue electrodes is backed by a cloud platform that offers live viewing, video, auxiliary inputs and tools for analysis.

For hospitals and clinics dissatisfied with traditional EEG, Zeto offers a turnkey solution for routine EEG tests. Unlike competitors, Zeto provides lower cost and faster turnaround time to clinics, extraordinary convenience to operators and a better experience to patients. Zeto makes EEG available to facilities that do not have access to trained EEG operators or neurologists.


*The testimonials provided are voluntary. No compensation, services or other benefits have been provided by Zeto in exchange for the statements listed here.

Dr. Jaivir S. Rathore, MD, FAES
Co-Chairman, Epilepsy Foundation of America (FL Chapter), Medical Director, Falcon Advanced Neurology Center, FL

“I like the idea of quick setup using soft gel electrodes like Zeto. It’s an easy & efficient way to do quality routine Video EEGs”

Randi H. Baculi, MD
a board-certified neurologist at RHBNeuro, TX

“Zeto EEG has significantly improved our ability to diagnose and treat neurological conditions. High quality results are given with a system this comprehensive. A key difference however is its turnaround time to set up, monitor, and disconnect studies, as it takes only half the time conventional systems take. This has helped us improved access to our EEG services, allowing us to help more patients every day.”

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Steven Robinson
Director of Cardiopulmonary Care Department at Greenwood Leflore Hospital

"We have been using Zeto EEG for about six months now, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. The EEG technologists who work with the device daily have reported that it is user-friendly and easy to use, and that patients find it comfortable during the test. Overall, the Zeto EEG system has been a valuable addition to our hospital. It offers a more efficient and patient-friendly approach to EEGs, while also providing high-quality results."

Mrs. Amber Brock, multi-skill technician at Greenwood Leflore hospital:
"As an EEG technologist, I find the Zeto headset to be a highly efficient option for conducting EEG tests. I appreciate the time savings that come with using the Zeto headset as compared to traditional EEG machines and single-use electrodes. In terms of the quality of EEG tests conducted using the Zeto headset, I believe it to be exceptional. I find the machine to be highly effective and user-friendly."

Case Study

Raj Gupta, M.D.
Board Certified Neurologist, Sleep Medicine Specialist
President Medical Staff, Regional Medical Center, San Jose, CA
CEO & President, San Jose Pacific Neurology Center PC

"I am in private practice since July 2006 in partnership with Dr. Akshay Shah, neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist at San Jose Pacific Neurology Center. We got the Zeto system in September 2019 and since then we have become part of a successful journey to the present Zeto system. The setup for routine EEG has decreased to 5-10 minutes from previous durations of 30 minutes to 1 hour. Removal of electrodes is very easy. Quality of both EEG and video is very impressive now with all the upgrades and enhancements. There is an artifact reduction tool also which helps interpret EEGs with movement and muscle artifacts. Routine EEG is integrated with photic stimulator as well. All the EEGs are stored in the cloud and can be reviewed in live or recorded mode.

The Zeto EEG system has been extremely useful during the covid pandemic where close exposure of EEG technologist to the patient was reduced substantially. This was true for set up, recording, and cleaning of the unit. Over the years, the video quality has improved, and it is easy to differentiate epileptic versus nonepileptic events. Patient is also happy as amount of time spent in the office during the procedure has decreased at least by 50-60%. We were able to perform EEGs during the peaks of the pandemic, thanks to Zeto.

Another thing I observed working with Zeto was exceptional customer service. From the day we placed the order, we received personal attention from Aswin Gunasekar, CEO. Whether it was supplies, video quality, artifact reduction, training of EEG technologist, or network issues, the help was just a phone or email away. I am also very impressed by John Crawford, R.EEG.T/EPT, Associate Director of Customer Success. He has such a deep knowledge of EEG acquisition and interpretation with lots of practical tips to acquire EEG data without artifacts. In summary, getting the Zeto EEG system for our practice was one of the best decisions made during my professional life and I am very happy with the product as well as the customer service."

Todd Masel, M.D., B.B.A
Director, Epilepsy Program
Associate Professor
Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs

"We started using Zeto this year at our large university hospital in order to get our EEGs done faster. A Zeto EEG contains a full set of EEG electrodes and it only takes 5-15 minutes to set up (compared to 1-2 hours for a conventional EEG), and can be applied by anyone after a very short instructional session. The system includes an artifact reduction tool which significantly increases the quality of the recording. In terms of application time, the Zeto system is over 400% more efficient than a conventional EEG machine. The fact that the person applying the Zeto doesn't have to be an EEG technologist is very useful as well. Overall the system works very well for my needs as an Epilepsy Director."

Damon Brown
Arizona President of
Steward Health Care

Press Release: Steward Health Care is the first hospital system in Arizona to use Zeto EEG technology. 

“We are excited to be the first hospital system in Arizona to be able to provide the newest technology in bedside EEG recording for patients. The Zeto system offers the best patient experience for EEG tests with no more application of electrodes to the skin with gel or tethering of the patient to a box with wires.”

The headset and software platform allows Steward’s trained healthcare professionals to administer routine and urgent EEGs at a moment's notice, enhancing our commitment to providing the highest-quality care and most up-to-date technology for our patients. A zero-prep, easy to wear headset with no-residue electrodes, the Zeto EEG technology is backed by a cloud platform that offers live viewing, video, auxiliary inputs, and tools for analysis.

Zeto Clinical Dry EEG Headset System Testimonial | Methodist University

Press Release : An EEG technician at Methodist University can now be more productive and perform more EEGs in a day. The EEG and video recording are uploaded to the cloud where a specialist can read them at their own convenience. The ZETO Instant EEG has been beneficial in the midst of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the convenience of this EEG technology, PPE and exposure time for healthcare workers is reduced significantly. Fast setup and cleanup decrease the exposure times for nurses and other care providers. The ZETO Instant EEG uses single-use electrodes which also reduces the risk of contamination.

Brent A. Cope, FACHE
President of
Tempe St.Luke’s Hospital

"We decided to buy the Zeto EEG headset because a facility our size had difficulty keeping an EEG tech busy enough and the Zeto technology allowed us to use other staff after training, which gave us better coverage. 

We use Zeto in the ICU and the ED. Quality EEG studies and the ability to train enough staff who are still employed in other jobs (we use respiratory therapists) make it especially suitable for us. The Zeto headset has allowed us to perform tests in a more timely fashion and to begin developing a more robust Neurology service line."

Joe Charles,
President of
JLC Services

The Zeto EEG headset is an important assessment tool of JLC Services’ behavioral health program, providing the flexibility and portability to do EEGs where needed.

"Zeto has all I need – it’s portable and wireless. The setup is under 5 minutes and could be done after minimal training. Patients like it because there is no gel. It’s easy for me to travel with it and do EEGs where I need them to do. I have multiple people do EEGs at various locations throughout Ohio, Virginia Beach, Kansas City, and Seattle. Zeto has made the process of setup and doing the EEG very simple and effortless."

Case Study

Virginia Thornley, M.D.
Board-Certified Neurologist, Epileptologist
Elite Neurology

"The first time I heard about the novel concept of dry electrodes, I was immediately intrigued. I am so excited to incorporate the highly innovative Zeto dry electrode technology into my new solo practice.  The incorporation of this technology is seamless and excellent,  the waveforms are high quality. It is perfect for a private practice owner such as myself as I can easily throw it on in minutes which is far less time compared to the conventional electrodes using gel. Taking it off is an easy 1 minute. I quickly change settings with the touch of a button. It is not just an electroencephalogram machine, it is the newest in technology.  I look forward to the advances of technology of this forward-thinking immensely inventive  company.  I strongly recommend this to my neurological colleagues looking for excellent EEG equipment that is not only easy to use but easy to incorporate in a busy practice.

Here are some videos, I shared of my experience with Zeto EEG on my social media account."

Boris Khamishon, M.D.
Neurologist, owner of Neurology San Diego

"I've been remotely reading EEGs done by the Zeto EEG headset for one of my local colleagues through Zeto’s EEG cloud platform since the beginning of 2022. How it works: EEGs are done in the clinic here in San Diego by trained staff. The EEG is streamed and saved in real-time to the Zeto cloud and I receive a notification when the recording is finished. At that point, I go online, read the EEG study, and prepare the report. Overall, the process is easy, fast, and straightforward. 

The software is thought through and works seamlessly. The biggest advantage is the Zeto report writer. The template features for the report are designed perfectly for a neurologist’s needs, and it’s very easy to make adjustments. The program is also easy to maneuver, and you can read the EEGs from any computer or device with a stable internet connection using the same login credentials.

The training process to start using the Zeto software took about 1 hour, and after that, I was able to work with it. This is a great modern tool that allows me to read EEGs safely, securely, and quickly. It’s a pleasure to work with Zeto’s EEG cloud platform. "

Rachel Robinson,
Patient User

"The most rewarding part of my experience with this device is that there was no glue! Having had several EEGs, both inpatient and outpatient, the most burdensome part is always dealing with the glue, the residue it leaves behind and the long process of getting it all out of my hair once the EEG is done. With Zeto, none of that was a concern which made it awesome."

Zeto Clinical Dry EEG Headset System Testimonial | Wave Neuro

"Accessing an FDA compliant EEG device that performs at an uncompromising standard, allows for increased throughput and provides a user experience that rivals the latest technology assets, was very attractive to us. Zeto transformed the way we think about EEG capture by advancing technology further in the past two years than the industry had in the prior three or four decades."

"The Zeto WR19 system is the ideal solution for modern EEG collection. The quality of the data, the headset’s ease of use, and the support provided by the Zeto Team have all been outstanding. Utilizing multiple headsets at multiple sites with a single cloud-based interface has allowed us to ramp up data collection in a very short time. Zeto is setting the highest of standards for quality medical grade EEG."