We created our product with utmost diligence, to provide Medical Grade Quality* at Maximum Convenience. Patients, technicians and physicians will love it when they use it.

Our headset is easy to use and comfortable to wear, uses dry electrodes and no wires, improving the patient and technician experience dramatically. Coupled with our intuitive cloud software, the technician can now be more productive and perform more EEGs in a day. EEG is instantly uploaded to the cloud and any laptop, tablet or even a smartphone can be used to monitor live or analyze previously recorded EEG. We offer an easy to use, turnkey solution for Outpatient EEG.

Each band can be dialed up or down to a comfortable, snug fit. Each electrode is spring loaded and can be precisely moved to the 10-20 position, with no need for any measurement. The electrodes have bristle shapes to naturally work its way through hair of any type.

* The FIRST TRUE DRY ELECTRODE EEG SYSTEM cleared for clinical use by FDA.

Technical specs

Number of electrodes 19
Channel Positions 10-20 system compliant
Weight < 620g or 22oz
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion
Run time 8 hours continuous
Bandwidth 0.003 – 250Hz
Sample Rate 500Hz
Analog to Digital Converter 24 bits
Common Mode Rejection Ratio > 120dB
Input Impedance 1 TΩ
Noise (1-50Hz) < 1μV RMS

Aswin Gunasekar, Founder, Zeto

Electrode placement as per the 10-20 EEG system

The 10-20 EEG system or International 10-20 system is an internationally recognized method to describe and apply the location of scalp electrodes in the context of an EEG exam.
This method was developed to maintain standardized testing methods ensuring that a subject’s study outcomes (clinical or research) could be compiled, reproduced, and effectively analyzed and compared using the scientific method.

The Zeto headset has a built in easy to use, positioning system that places the electrode within a 1cm range of the ideal 10-20 position. The headset uses a matching numbered system on the band and electrode adjuster and works for any head (size) within its range.

Wear, Share and Diagnose

Any device Our software works via a web browser on laptop/desktop computers or via an app on tablets/smart phones
Intuitive to use Recording and analyzing EEG made simple and intuitive while keeping the features you love
Data Sharing and Interpretation Accessing the data, joining a live session, having it read by a remote physician and creating a report gets a whole lot simpler
Security HIPPAA compliant, FDA cyber security compliant, multiple protection features from external hacks

How does this work as well as traditional EEG

How does Zeto’s signal quality compare to that of traditional EEG? We are obsessed about signal quality, and it turned out to be a much harder problem that we initially thought. But we solved it, through a combination of proprietary electrode materials and innovative electrical techniques such as Active Electrode Technology (AET) and Dynamic Noise Cancellation (DNC). Our proprietary materials ensure the bio-potential is faithfully transmitted. AET pre-amplifies and conditions the signal at the source and DNC precisely removes noise real time.

We performed 3 clinical studies across 50 subjects that showed signal quality is not inferior to FDA cleared traditional EEG systems. The studies involved simultaneous recordings on subjects with Zeto EEG (zEEG) and Clinical EEG (cEEG) electrodes placed about 1-2 cm from each other. Part of the study results were presented to FDA for clearance. More studies will be published at conferences and journals in the future. Sample results shown below. We are happy to answer any questions.

Better yet, it is simple to validate our system. See us at a conference or schedule a demo, wear our headset yourself and see the quality for yourself!

Signal Quality

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