Clinical Grade EEG
for Research

Easy to use, wireless EEG platform

For Clinical Studies and Medical, Neuroscience and Biomedical Research

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* Zeto EEG Headset and Cloud Platform - FDA Cleared

Where does Zeto fit into the research world?

Our EEG for clinical research is particularly useful for studies that involve participants from clinical populations or are conducted in a clinical environment. The Zeto system is fully FDA-cleared, ensuring compliance with rigorous medical standards for data quality and privacy, ensuring an easier Institutional Review Board (IRB) process.

Zeto offers a unique solution within the research world as our EEG for research represents a combination of technology from both the medical device and academic research space.

Zeto Research Platform

Flexible, wireless, easy-to-use, FDA-cleared EEG system for clinical studies and medical, neuroscience and biomedical research.

Easy Setup

Does not require an EEG tech, gel or measuring, can be set up in minutes and will accommodate different head sizes and hair styles.

Clinical-Grade Data

The Zeto EEG system is FDA-cleared for clinical-grade data quality, with full 19-channel 10-20 electrode setup plus ECG.  Data can be exported as a raw EDF file, with optional artifact removal.

Cloud-Based Data Archive

Data is saved in a HIPAA-compliant cloud and can be accessed via credentialed-account from anywhere.  Data can be archived along with video recordings, participant information, notes, etc. 

Integration with other platforms

Zeto integrates seamlessly with numerous 3rd party partners. Users can import EEG data using standard EDF+ file formats into their applications to review and process Zeto EEG data. Users can also stream real-time EEG data at low latencies for continuous processing or recording into non-Zeto applications. 

Multiple API Options and ERP / TTL Triggering

Data can be accessed from the cloud via function call, or via local LSL-stream.  Recording can be synchronized via TTL trigger to within 1 sample timing accuracy.  

Wireless Amplifier Clock Sync for Hyperscanning

Synchronize EEG amplifier clocks at 500 Hz ADC via a wireless sync pulse along with time synced TTL triggers. Enables time-synced recordings of up to 50 amplifiers at the same time. Ideal for experimental paradigms in social science, teamwork, or group recordings settings.


With Zeto’s event marker integration, users benefit from accurate event marker timing and distributed cloud data access and management

Users can extract the event marker data from the Zeto system in multiple ways:

  • EDF+ File
  • Visualization
  • Real-time lab streaming layer (LSL) Export
  • Offline Event Marker Files

Video EEG

  • Seamless Compatibility with Any Camera
  • Supports Up to Four Cameras
  • Effortless IP Camera Integration
  • Remote Access for Real-Time Analysis


Clinical Trials and Pharmaceutical Research

Research into ML Biomarkers Screening and diagnostic applications

Development platform for R&D projects requiring EEG

Behavioral and development research

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