We are a cross-functional team of engineers, software developers, neuroscientists and designers. No challenge is insurmountable for our multidisciplinary team. We bring the right attitude and work ethic to build and commercialize solutions that patients and providers love.

When we need help, we are quick to seek answers from the right people. We are hard working, driven and never give up. We are hungry to make a difference and won’t stop until we do. Please contact us if you would like to get involved.

Aswin Gunasekar, MS, MBA

CEO & Founder

  • 14 years in Engineering, Product Development and Management Consulting
  • Sales and Marketing Transformation for Fortune 1000 companies. 
  • PwC, AMD, Cypress Semiconductor

Gabor Braun, BS


  • 25 years in Software Development
  • Built time-critical, high-volume transactional systems and horizontally scalable server platforms
  • eQ Online, Nordnet Bank, Crosskey Banking Solutions

Florian Strelzyk, PhD

Chief Sales Officer

  • Former VP of Sales and Support at Brain Vision, LLC
  • Led the sales and support team at the fastest growing and largest Neuroscience equipment distributors in North America
  • 12 years experience in EEG and other bio-potential methods for clinical use

Jayaram Sundararajan

VP, Operations & Quality

  • 14 years in leading Quality and Operations teams
  • Proven track record with establishing compliant and efficient manufacturing for implantable Class II & III medical devices
  • St. Jude Medical, Amazon Lab 126

Zoltan Nadasdy, PhD

Principal Neuroscientist

  • 20 years as Neuroscientist focussed on EEG and Epilepsy with over 50 acclaimed publications
  • Adjunct Professor, Univ. of Texas at Austin
  • Research with HCA, Seton and St. David’s hospitals

Janos Kokavecz, PhD

Principal Engineer

  • 15 years experience in design of Analog and Digital electronics
  • Built state of the art EEG monitoring systems

Ferenc Benedek, MS

Senior Engineer

  • 12 years experience in design of innovative embedded systems, drivers and software
  • Built advanced instrumentation and embedded systems

Jennifer Csatlos, MA


  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Clinical Studies Coordinator
  • Wigner Research Center for Physics

Robert Fisher, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Advisor

  • Director, Stanford Epilepsy Center
  • Past President, American Epilepsy Society
  • 215 Peer reviewed articles, 3 books
  • 1996-2016, Best Doctors in America

Bala Balachandran, MS, MBA

Business Advisor

  • CEO, Core Diagnostics
  • Former COO, Neurometrix
  • Former CEO, Neurocare Div., Cardinal Health

Allan W. May

Investor and Business Advisor

  • Founder and Chairman, Life Science Angels ($75M invested to date)
  • Creator (with Steve Blank) of Lean LaunchPad Methodology for Medical Device Startups
  • Co-Founder, Nanostim (Leadless Cardiac Pacemaker) acq. By St. Jude Medical


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