Zeto EEG Helmet For Children

EEG Solutions for every patient
An EEG patient experience should not traumatize children

Patients The EEG Experience

  • Zeto’s EEG headset looks and feels like a bike helmet.
  • With Zeto, the setup takes up to 5 minutes
  • Zeto’s EEG headset requires no goop and no wires.
  • No pulling or tangling of hair means that Zeto improves comfort and reduces trauma for pediatric patients.
  • Digital reduction of motion artifacts for improved clinical accuracy represents a particular benefit with EEGs for children.
Zeto EEG Helmet For Adults

Adult EEG Patients can say goodbye to odor and mess

  • Zeto’s EEG headset provides a less messy patient experience. No more goopy hair, for a more pleasant EEG experience all around.
  • No clean-up needed.
  • No EEG sensor adhesives mean no skin break-down.
  • Because there is easy preparation and no clean-up, EEG patients are in and out quickly.
Zeto Wearable EEG Headband

Comfortable and gentle on seniors' skin