Zeto ONE Transforms EEG for Critical and Emergency Care

Brain-injured patients in EDs and ICUs frequently experience seizures, often subclinical and undetectable without EEG.

Zeto ONE is a user-friendly headset and a portable recording device that provides reliable bedside seizure detection*, accompanied by video, audio, and live remote monitoring and interpretation service.

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Zeto technology is trusted by over 200+ top US healthcare facilities. Zeto has received numerous awards for innovation and quality.

Specification Full mage

Zeto ONE’s Technical Features

  • Full Montage EEG - 21 soft tipped electrodes
  • Differential ECG
  • High-resolution video
  • Bedside Seizure Detection
  • Optional extension unit for 8 auxiliary channels for a combination of EEG, EOG, ECG or EMG
  • Motion-sensing via accelerometer
  • Photic stimulation sensor
  • POC software features for intuitive bedside use
  • Full Zeto EEG cloud platform
  • Optional Live Monitoring and Interpretation Services

Zeto Solves The Challenges of Traditional EEG

Nationwide shortages of trained EEG technologists, coupled with the cumbersome EEG testing process have caused healthcare facilities many problems.

Zeto ONE solves Problems and Improves Your EEG Service

Drawbacks of Traditional EEG

  • Requires a trained EEG Technologist
  • Time consuming
  • No live cloud solution
  • No neurologist on-site to read EEG
  • No bedside Dx alerts for seizures and status
    epilepticus (#2 neuro emergency after stroke)

Benefits of Zeto ONE

  • Any staff can perform Zeto EEG
  • Under 5 minutes to setup
  • Full EEG Infrastructure via live cloud
  • Remote live reading and monitoring
  • Accurate AI-powered Seizure Detection

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Zeto ONE EEG headset

The Benefits of Using Zeto ONE

A Breakthrough EEG System Revolutionizing Emergency EEG Acquisition

Full Montage

Unique rapid EEG solution in providing full coverage with 21 electrodes placed as per the 10-20 EEG system.

Easy Set Up
& Use

Time to interpretable EEG is typically under 5 minutes. Staff training takes less than 30 minutes and software guides an intuitive use.

Patient Comfort

Donned quickly and easily, and sits comfortably on a range of head sizes and hair styles. Uses no-residue, soft-tipped electrodes, eliminating the need for sticky pastes or gels, and facilitates easy clean-up.



Provides valuable live video of the patient critical to physician’s diagnosis.


Headset weighs less than 400 grams (approx. 14 oz), and has a low profile of under 1 inch. The handheld unit is comparable in size to a smartphone. The lightweight system is suited for movement between hospital departments.

Perform EEG Anywhere

The lightweight portable system can be used in several settings. Approved for use in hospitals, homes, ambulances, and air transport environments. Administer EEG the moment your patient needs it.

Extended Recording Capabilities

Comprehensive monitoring and recording for extended periods. Use while the patient is fully supine or reclined.

No Change to Your Billing

Zeto ONE’s EEG System receives the same reimbursements as a traditional EEG.

Cloud Platform

Access to Zeto’s complete EEG cloud from any internet enabled device. Data and cybersecurity management compliant to hospital standards.

Key Opinion Leaders' Thoughts on Zeto ONE

See Why Zeto ONE is winning over EEG professionals everywhere


Zeto ONE will be a profound help to our pediatric patients by increasing access to much needed diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, particularly in Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units where rapid application and complete EEG can make all the difference in getting a critically ill child the care they need.

Testimonial Image
Christina Patterson, MD.

Associate Professor of Pediatrics and the Director of the Epilepsy Center at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh


Many hospitals in the world have no ability to obtain EEGs. Zeto ONE will make it possible for them to do so. For hospitals and offices with EEG capabilities, ONE will make obtaining the EEG more efficient for the medical personnel and more comfortable for the patients.

Testimonial Image
Robert S. Fisher, M.D., Ph.D.

Director of the Stanford Epilepsy Center and former President of the American Epilepsy Society


Zeto ONE is a breakthrough EEG system, revolutionizing many aspects of emergency EEG acquisition. We know that up to 40% of brain injured emergency department and intensive care patients may experience seizures, which are often subclinical and require EEG for diagnosis.  Zeto ONE fills a gap for hospitals that lack EEG resources – streamlined point-of care application of full 10-20 electrodes, video and audio recording, AI triage tools, and efficient connectivity to the interpreting neurologist. This enhanced workflow ensures that EEGs have high technical quality and accurate interpretations in our most critically ill patients.

Testimonial Image
Susan Herman, M.D.

Professor of Neurology and Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs for the Department of Neurology at Barrow Neurological Institute


What is the difference between Zeto ONE and Zeto WR19 headset?

Zeto ONE is primarily intended for critical care and emergency EEG acquisition. Its sleek design ensures patient comfort while lying down. The setup is easy and can be done in about five minutes by an ICU/ED nurse or any available medical personnel. Additionally, it is cloud-based and includes video and AI-powered Seizure Detection to enable critical care within minutes.

Zeto WR19 is limited by battery life (4-6 hours) and ideal for routine short-term EEGs.


Can Zeto ONE be used on pediatric patients?

Yes, Zeto ONE can be used on kids with a head circumference of at least 44 cm (about 2 years old).

What is the price of Zeto ONE?

Our prices are set to be competitive with comparable solutions available in the market. For more information, please contact us and we will be happy to answer you promptly.

Can the patient lie down while wearing Zeto ONE?

Yes, the low profile design of the Zeto ONE ensures comfort for patients while lying down for extended periods.

Is the Bedside Seizure Detection Software live?

Yes, the Seizure Detection Software runs live on the portable recording device. For more information, please contact us and we will be happy to answer you promptly.


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Zeto ONE EEG headset