Physician reviewing an EEG chart

EEG Technology For Providers Physicians


When conducting an EEG for patients, it’s important that physicians receive their data in a quick and efficient manner. Being able to obtain information in real-time eliminates any unnecessary steps and even helps with the EEG preparation process. As a physician, identifying EEG-related brain issues is critical, and having up-to-the-minute, accurate data is crucial to decision making.

  • Access video-EEG recording remotely in real-time
  • Read from anywhere and on any device*
  • Eliminate busy work with report generator
  • Locate patient records easily
EEG Technologist reviewing an EEG chart

EEG Technologists

The goal of a technologist using an EEG headset is to get the patient in, get them seen, and move onto the next patient, helping as many people as possible. The sooner we can perform the EEG (or the more patients we can administer at one time), the better. Our accurate data systems will not only increase efficiency, but they will also allow you to see more patients and provide an overall better EEG experience. This is highly important for preventing excessive wait times and cancellations. With Zeto EEG headset, the setup is easy and it takes up to 5 minutes so EEG technologists will focus on the EEG studies and not on the setup.

  • Spend less time prepping, cleaning and more time reviewing
  • Faster patient turnaround and better experience
  • Administer multiple EEGs at the same time
  • Access in-application tech support
Woman wearing a Zeto EEG device

Nurses/Medical Assistants

Being able to provide routine EEG tests for adults and children is crucial to the health of our population. Testing EEG for patients is pivotal to growing your practice and properly serving your patients. Zeto EEG headset allows you to deliver exactly what the patient needs right when they need it in a simple, effective, and timely manner. The Zeto Customer Success team provides support and trains you how to use the device. It’s easy and user friendly.

  • Administer a routine EEG test yourself
  • On-line supervision on your live recording
  • Deliver EEG testing when it is needed