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Project Description

Zeto is committed to increase accessibility to brain monitoring through medical-grade EEG products that are quick, comfortable, and easy to use.

We are excited to announce that we will continue that mission by supporting groundbreaking clinical research that will help bring innovative and new applications closer to clinical maturity. Zeto will be sponsoring up to three EEG clinical trials for research labs in the upcoming year.

We will provide our FDA cleared products including up to two WR19 headset devices per trial along with disposable electrodes for up to 100 patients, accompanied by on-site training and ongoing product support.

Project Components

WR19 EEG System: Each sponsored clinical trial will benefit from our latest EEG device, an FDA-cleared, wireless, portable, dry-electrode, full 10-20 montage EEG headset with high-quality data collection and a fast and comfortable 5-minute setup.

Cloud Access: Access to our HIPAA-compliant, cyber-security cleared cloud platform for efficient data storage, remote access, EDF export, and real time LSL data streaming.

Disposable Electrodes: We will provide disposable electrodes for up to 100 EEG recordings in each clinical trial. These electrodes are designed for comfort and ease of use, enhancing the patient experience.

TTL-based Triggering for ERP Recordings: If required, the Zeto system will include an additional component for real-time TTL-based triggering for evoked potentials, along with additional stimulus presentation software and hardware.

Training and Support: To ensure a smooth and successful implementation of our EEG solutions, we will provide onsite training and ongoing support to the clinical trial teams. Our support team will be available to address questions or concerns throughout the project.

Submission Requirements

Interested research teams are invited to submit a 2-page proposal or project pitch by April 15th, 2024. The submission will need to include the following:

  • Project Description
  • Why Zeto
  • Proposed timeline

Selection of Winners and

Zeto is committed to a transparent and impartial selection process. All project pitches received by the April 15th, 2024 deadline will be thoughtfully reviewed and evaluated by a group of experienced Zeto personnel and a panel of clinical thought leaders that will be announced by May 10th, 2024. The assessment will consider factors such as the clinical trial’s alignment with Zeto’s mission, the potential impact on patient care of the proposed research, and the innovative utilization of EEG.

Once the selection process is completed, Zeto will announce the chosen clinical trials by June 1st, 2024. The winners will be notified directly and will also be publicly announced on our company website and social media channels. We anticipate that these announcements will occur no later than June 10th, 2024 to provide adequate time for the planning and initiation of the sponsored clinical trials.

Collaboration Benefits

In recognition of our sponsorship, we request that Zeto be mentioned in any future publications, research findings, or presentations related to the clinical trial.

Zeto reserves the right to reference and showcase the selected clinical trials in our marketing materials and press releases. This collaboration not only highlights the significance of the research but also contributes to our mission of advancing healthcare through innovative EEG solutions.

We are enthusiastic about the potential impact of these clinical trials and look forward to partnering with dedicated researchers and institutions. Together, we can advance the field of neuroscience, biomedical research and its application to improved patient care.

For inquiries and submissions, please contact the Zeto team at research@zetoinc.com

We eagerly anticipate your proposals and the opportunity to support your clinical research.

Contact us if you have any questions:

Email: research@zetoinc.com

Phone: (833) 938-6334