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EEG Solutions

At Zeto, we work hard to eliminate any negative experience with EEG

Want a Better EEG Solution?

With the Zeto EEG monitoring device from Zeto Inc., you get a portable EEG headset that's convenient for the operator and comfortable for the patient. The Zeto EEG goes on and adjusts easily in less than five minutes without wires, glue or cleanup. For the patient, our EEG solution leaves no residue and features soft-tip electrodes and comfortable support pads that are gentle on the skin.

For many, the Zeto EEG solution fits more like a bike helmet than a complicated medical device, and that means less fuss and annoyance during those EEG monitoring visits. In fact, our wireless EEG solution comes with convenient positioning via band dials that makes sizing and adjustments a snap. The entire device weighs less than a pound and a half, and the rechargeable Li-ion battery provides five to six hours of portable EEG testing. 

On the software side, all interactions are handled by the Zeto EEG cloud platform, which runs on a mobile device or in an HTML5 capable browser such as Google Chrome and can be used from anywhere. The Cloud Control interface provides high performance, analytical processing and real-time viewing in a user friendly interface. Instantaneous EEG, ECG, and Video provides enhanced EEG interpretation that brings local and remote stakeholders together to review, analyze, and share reports. Lastly, the Data management tool allows for long-term storage of patient data and HIPPA compliant management.

The below illustration shows how a cloud platform works.

eeg solutions

Our EEG solution also comes with an EEG Study manager, quick video review and annotation features that make documenting easy. Furthermore, the intuitive navigation and time-frequency analysis make working with the device easy. Meanwhile, advanced analytics and the report generator can help inform the decision-making process – upgrades are even handled automatically!

Comparing the Zeto EEG to Other EEG Solutions

Here at Zeto, we're obsessed with signal quality. By combining the convenience of portable EEG testing with the quality of a wired solution, the Zeto EEG was designed with signal quality in mind. 

Solved through a combination of proprietary electrode materials and innovative electrical techniques, the Zeto EEG features active electrode technology (AET) and dynamic noise cancellation (DNC) to ensure that information is precisely transmitted while also amplifying and removing noise in real-time.

In our three clinical studies, 50 subjects yielded signal quality on par with traditional, wired EEG solutions, all with the comfort and convenience of the Zeto EEG device. From healthcare practitioners to patients, our EEG solution makes EEG monitoring easy with the same reliable data you'd get from a wired solution. And when EEGs are easier and more convenient, they can be performed more quickly and easily, helping to provide better care to patients that need it.
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