Case Study
with RHBNeuro

Zeto EEG Helps RHBNeuro Overcome Backlog and Improve Access to Diagnostics, Leading to Better Patient Outcome


RHBNeuro is a physician practice located in Dallas, Texas, providing comprehensive care for a wide range of neurological conditions. It is led by board-certified neurologist Randi Baculi, MD, and skilled nurse practitioner Madison Slusher, APRN, who combine their experience with cutting-edge treatments to deliver personalized medicine in a comfortable, small-practice environment.
The RHBNeuro team specializes in stroke prevention and post-stroke management. In addition to stroke, the practitioners diagnose and treat a variety of neurological conditions, such as memory loss, cognitive disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia, as well as dizziness, vertigo, neuropathy, and Parkinson’s disease.

Please watch the video how Zeto EEG used at RHBNeuro


RHBNeuro previously used a traditional EEG device, which was causing a backlog of patients waiting for diagnostic testing. The device had an issue that could not be fixed for nearly a month, which prompted the team to switch to Zeto EEG.

Randi Baculi, MD, Board-Certified Neurologist at RHBNeuro:
“Zeto’s Sales and Customer Service teams did a great job implementing the system in the clinic to make up for the backlog and set a foundation for ongoing management of the device.”


Shortly after adopting Zeto EEG, RHBNeuro saw significant improvements in their ability to diagnose and treat neurological conditions. The high-quality results provided by the system have been comprehensive, and the device’s turnaround time to set up, monitor, and disconnect studies takes only half the time that conventional systems take. This has helped RHBNeuro improve access to its EEG services, allowing the team to help more patients every day.
“In the short term, we were able to quickly address a backlog of 100+ patients (and incoming new ones) within just a few weeks. In the long term, with how easy the system is to use, we are not bottlenecked to only certain staff members and their availability to utilize the device and ensure essential diagnostics were getting completed in a timely manner,” Dr. Baculi continued.


Since adopting Zeto EEG, RHBNeuro has been able to see more patients each day due to the device’s ease of use and portability. Where a conventional machine would only be capable of 3-5 studies during a single shift, Zeto has no problem fitting in 6 or more. This has helped the clinic reduce wait times for testing and improve patient satisfaction. The lead tech, Melody Thornley, uses the Zeto EEG, and her overall experience with the device has been very positive. We experienced a hardware issue once, but the Zeto team swiftly and efficiently resolved the problem.


RHBNeuro has received only positive feedback from patients and staff so far, with a 5/5-star rating. The clinic team has been pleased with the system’s ease of use and how it has improved the patient experience.


Zeto EEG has had a significant positive impact on RHBNeuro’s process and patient outcomes. Its ease of use and portability have helped the clinic reduce wait times for testing and improve patient satisfaction. The device’s high-quality results provided a comprehensive diagnostic solution, and its advanced features made it easy for the technicians to use. Overall, Zeto EEG has helped RHBNeuro overcome its backlog of patients waiting for diagnostic testing and has improved access to EEG services.