Zeto EEG Brings Convenient EEG to Granger Medical Clinic

Insights from Dr. Komal Rastogi’s Experience

As the only neurologist at Granger Medical Clinic, Dr. Komal Rastogi has come to rely on Zeto EEG for its ease-of-use and the convenience of analyzing EEG studies from the comfort of home.

About Granger Medical Clinic

Granger Medical Clinic is one of the largest independent, physician-owned medical clinic groups in Utah. The clinic was founded in 1954 to improve healthcare access for the growing Granger community. Today, it employs over 170 providers at 28 locations across four counties, which allows it to offer the region a wide range of specialized services. Granger Medical Clinic has been recognized for its low-cost, high-quality care.

About Dr. Komal Rastogi
Dr. Komal Rastogi joined Granger Medical Clinic in February 2022 to become the system’s only neurologist. Dr. Rastogi is board-certified in neurology and in clinical neurophysiology. This combination of broad neurology training and specialized neurophysiology expertise makes Dr. Rastogi ideally suited to serve as the only neurologist at this large, regional medical clinic. Being the only neurologist means that efficiency is absolutely critical, which is why Dr. Rastogi was drawn to Zeto EEG.

A Discussion about Zeto EEG with Neurologist Dr. Komal Rastogi

How does Zeto EEG fit into your practice?
We have been using Zeto EEG since I joined Granger Medical Clinic in 2022. We love having Zeto in the office and do several EEG studies a week. I love it because our MAs (medical assistants), who were trained by the Zeto team, can set up and run the studies. If they ever have issues, I step in to troubleshoot, but this is really rare. We have been able to work more efficiently with the limited resources we have, which is important because I am in a multispecialty private practice group.
As a clinical neurophysiologist, I love the ability to quickly get patients scheduled for an EEG and the ease of the system. We have the capability to schedule up to 9 per week (3 studies, 3 days a week) and average around 6-8 studies per week after no-shows and cancellations. We are 10 days out for the next available appointment.

What do staff think of Zeto EEG?
Staff love to use (Zeto EEG) and find it easier than trying to schedule a patient for an EEG at a facility that is running more EEGs but is farther away, with a longer wait list. They use the remote live view on the camera to view patients from a workstation from a nearby room while the patient is in a comfortable recliner in the low light room, sleeping.

Are there any considerations or factors to keep in mind when using Zeto EEG?
I prefer to do 60 minute recordings in order to give enough time for the patient to fall asleep. In certain cases, we may adjust or slightly loosen the electrodes at the 45-minute mark, if necessary. It’s a minor adjustment that ensures patient comfort throughout the procedure.

What is your experience with Zeto’s cloud platform?
It is really great and easy to use. My staff also agrees. The only issue that I have experienced is that when we are on Wi-Fi it can lag a bit when going through an EEG quickly. The biggest plus is that I can read the studies and put in reports from home.

What do patients think of Zeto EEG?
Some patients who have had EEGs in the past simply refuse to do them because of the hassle of the stickers and glue, but when they hear about the Zeto system, they are at least willing to give it a try.
Epilepsy patients are so happy that they do not have to go to a hospital to get an EEG and there is no glue or stickers or added smells involved. They like the fact that it is a quicker setup than a traditional EEG and they do not feel like they need to shower afterwards. We just tell them to bring a hairbrush to fix their hair afterwards!

Patients also appreciate being able to have EEG billing in-house. Granger Medical Clinic runs our own benefits and authorizations internally, so this simplifies things for patients, too. There is a clear and constant stream of information for patients coming from one source. In the end, patients avoid surprise bills, and they know exactly who to contact for billing questions, clinical questions, arranging procedures, and EEG results.

Zeto Brings Efficient EEG to Granger Medical Clinic

In conclusion, the Zeto EEG has been a valuable addition to the clinic. The system’s ease of use, comfort, convenience for patients have all been significant advantages. Dr. Rastogi and his team have been happy with the incorporation of Zeto EEG in their practice and how it has improved patient care and the clinic’s EEG.