ZETO INC | Provide convenient wearable devices for better diagnosis and long term management of neurological conditions.
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A majority of medical devices are outdated and inconvenient to use. Providers spend too much time and resources working these antiquated systems and patients have no choice but to endure a poor experience. Zeto is changing that. Our mission is to provide convenient device platforms for better diagnosis and management of life-changing conditions.


Our first product the zEEG is an adjustable headset that can be used for performing a routine EEG* test. The electrodes scale automatically to the approximate position as per the 10-20 EEG system. zEEG is compact, wireless, requires minimal set up and provides medical grade EEG within seconds of donning the headset. Results can be seen on a Bluetooth enabled tablet, smartphone or PC instantly. Our secure HIPAA compliant cloud lets you access your data from any place at any time. zEEG provides the highest provider and patient satisfaction.

* EEG or Electroencephalography is the recording of electrical activity on the human scalp. Voltage fluctuations arise from ionic current flows within the neurons of the brain.


We make no compromises. zEEG rivals the best in class EEG systems in functionality and reliability. After all, we won’t be in business if we don’t. Contact us if you’d like to know more about our comparison studies and technical specifications


We are a cross-functional team of neuroscientists, engineers and designers. No challenge is insurmountable for our multidisciplinary team. We bring the right attitude and work ethic to build and commercialize an endearing solution. When we need help, we are quick to seek answers from folks such as you.


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