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Our Testimonials

Edward Novotny, M.D.

“I am happy that we have introduced Zeto in the Seattle Children’s neurodiagnostic laboratory. This is an exceptional product for children in many clinical venues such as rapid EEG in the ICUs or emergency departments, improving the comfort and experience of EEGs for children and their families in the outpatient lab and providing EEG technology in remote rural areas where our outreach neurology providers travel throughout the Pacific Northwest.”

Christina M. Patterson

“We started using Zeto in March (2023). We designated a specific room for Zeto EEGs, effectively adding extra EEGs to our schedule. The training process was quick and easy, as the hardware and software proved user-friendly. Patients find the experience quicker and more streamlined, resulting in shorter visits compared to traditional setups. 

One of our objectives is to reach underserved areas, such as outreach clinics and rural locations. Zeto allows us the potential to send a doctor with a Zeto suitcase to these areas, providing efficient care without the need for a large traditional EEG machine allowing us to deliver the necessary care promptly and on-site.

My experience with the Zeto cloud platform has been fantastic. Personally, it is my number one highlight of the entire Zeto experience. The interface for reading EEGs and the cloud system are truly wonderful. The cloud is user-friendly, easy to access, and looks beautiful. I have used it on various devices, including laptops, phones, tablets, and computers, and it has consistently provided a seamless and headache-free experience. In comparison to other EMR platforms I have used, the Zeto cloud platform stands out as my favorite.”

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Steven Robinson

“We have been using Zeto EEG for about six months now, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. The EEG technologists who work with the device daily have reported that it is user-friendly and easy to use, and that patients find it comfortable during the test. Overall, the Zeto EEG system has been a valuable addition to our hospital. It offers a more efficient and patient-friendly approach to EEGs, while also providing high-quality results.”

Mrs. Amber Brock, multi-skill technician at Greenwood Leflore hospital:
“As an EEG technologist, I find the Zeto headset to be a highly efficient option for conducting EEG tests. I appreciate the time savings that come with using the Zeto headset as compared to traditional EEG machines and single-use electrodes. In terms of the quality of EEG tests conducted using the Zeto headset, I believe it to be exceptional. I find the machine to be highly effective and user-friendly.”

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Brent A. Cope, FACHE

“We decided to buy the Zeto EEG headset because a facility our size had difficulty keeping an EEG tech busy enough and the Zeto technology allowed us to use other staff after training, which gave us better coverage. 

We use Zeto in the ICU and the ED. Quality EEG studies and the ability to train enough staff who are still employed in other jobs (we use respiratory therapists) make it especially suitable for us. The Zeto headset has allowed us to perform tests in a more timely fashion and to begin developing a more robust Neurology service line.”

Komal Rastogi, M.D. Board-Certified Neurologist at Granger Medical Clinic (UT)

As the only neurologist at Granger Medical Clinic, Dr. Komal Rastogi has come to rely on Zeto EEG for its ease-of-use and the convenience of analyzing EEG studies from the comfort of home.

“Zeto EEG has been a valuable addition to our clinic. The system’s ease of use, comfort, convenience for patients have all been significant advantages. We love having Zeto in the office and do several studies a week. I love it because our MAs (medical assistants), who were trained by the Zeto team, can set up and run the studies. Zeto’s cloud platform is great, the biggest plus is that I can read the studies and put in reports from home. Epilepsy patients are so happy that they do not have to go to a hospital to get an EEG and there is no glue or stickers or added smells involved. They like the fact that it is a quicker setup than a traditional EEG and they do not feel like they need to shower afterwards.”

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Todd Masel, M.D., B.B.A

“We started using Zeto this year at our large university hospital in order to get our EEGs done faster. A Zeto EEG contains a full set of EEG electrodes and it only takes 5-15 minutes to set up (compared to 1-2 hours for a conventional EEG), and can be applied by anyone after a very short instructional session. The system includes an artifact reduction tool which significantly increases the quality of the recording. In terms of application time, the Zeto system is over 400% more efficient than a conventional EEG machine. The fact that the person applying the Zeto doesn’t have to be an EEG technologist is very useful as well. Overall the system works very well for my needs as an Epilepsy Director.”

Randi H. Baculi, M.D.

“Zeto EEG has significantly improved our ability to diagnose and treat neurological conditions. High quality results are given with a system this comprehensive. A key difference however is its turnaround time to set up, monitor, and disconnect studies, as it takes only half the time conventional systems take. This has helped us improved access to our EEG services, allowing us to help more patients every day.”

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Dr Virginia Thornley

“The first time I heard about the novel concept of dry electrodes, I was immediately intrigued. I am so excited to incorporate the highly innovative Zeto dry electrode technology into my new solo practice.  The incorporation of this technology is seamless and excellent,  the waveforms are high quality. It is perfect for a private practice owner such as myself as I can easily throw it on in minutes which is far less time compared to the conventional electrodes using gel. Taking it off is an easy 1 minute. I quickly change settings with the touch of a button. It is not just an electroencephalogram machine, it is the newest in technology.  I look forward to the advances of technology of this forward-thinking immensely inventive  company.  I strongly recommend this to my neurological colleagues looking for excellent EEG equipment that is not only easy to use but easy to incorporate in a busy practice.

Here are some videos, I shared of my experience with Zeto EEG on my social media account.”

Raj Gupta MD

“I am in private practice since July 2006 in partnership with Dr. Akshay Shah, neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist at San Jose Pacific Neurology Center. We got the Zeto system in September 2019 and since then we have become part of a successful journey to the present Zeto system. The setup for routine EEG has decreased to 5-10 minutes from previous durations of 30 minutes to 1 hour. Removal of electrodes is very easy. Quality of both EEG and video is very impressive now with all the upgrades and enhancements. There is an artifact reduction tool also which helps interpret EEGs with movement and muscle artifacts. Routine EEG is integrated with photic stimulator as well. All the EEGs are stored in the cloud and can be reviewed in live or recorded mode.

The Zeto EEG system has been extremely useful during the covid pandemic where close exposure of EEG technologist to the patient was reduced substantially. This was true for set up, recording, and cleaning of the unit. Over the years, the video quality has improved, and it is easy to differentiate epileptic versus nonepileptic events. Patient is also happy as amount of time spent in the office during the procedure has decreased at least by 50-60%. We were able to perform EEGs during the peaks of the pandemic, thanks to Zeto.

Another thing I observed working with Zeto was exceptional customer service. From the day we placed the order, we received personal attention from Aswin Gunasekar, CEO. Whether it was supplies, video quality, artifact reduction, training of EEG technologist, or network issues, the help was just a phone or email away. I am also very impressed by John Crawford, R.EEG.T/EPT, Associate Director of Customer Success. He has such a deep knowledge of EEG acquisition and interpretation with lots of practical tips to acquire EEG data without artifacts. In summary, getting the Zeto EEG system for our practice was one of the best decisions made during my professional life and I am very happy with the product as well as the customer service.”

Boris Khamishon, M.D

“I’ve been remotely reading EEGs done by the Zeto EEG headset for one of my local colleagues through Zeto’s EEG cloud platform since the beginning of 2022. How it works: EEGs are done in the clinic here in San Diego by trained staff. The EEG is streamed and saved in real-time to the Zeto cloud and I receive a notification when the recording is finished. At that point, I go online, read the EEG study, and prepare the report. Overall, the process is easy, fast, and straightforward. 

The software is thought through and works seamlessly. The biggest advantage is the Zeto report writer. The template features for the report are designed perfectly for a neurologist’s needs, and it’s very easy to make adjustments. The program is also easy to maneuver, and you can read the EEGs from any computer or device with a stable internet connection using the same login credentials.

The training process to start using the Zeto software took about 1 hour, and after that, I was able to work with it. This is a great modern tool that allows me to read EEGs safely, securely, and quickly. It’s a pleasure to work with Zeto’s EEG cloud platform. “