Steven Robinson
Director of Cardiopulmonary Care
Department at Greenwood Leflore Hospital

"We have been using Zeto EEG for about six months now, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. The EEG technologists who work with the device daily have reported that it is user-friendly and easy to use, and that patients find it comfortable during the test. Overall, the Zeto EEG system has been a valuable addition to our hospital. It offers a more efficient and patient-friendly approach to EEGs, while also providing high-quality results."

Mrs. Amber Brock, multi-skill technician at Greenwood Leflore hospital:
"As an EEG technologist, I find the Zeto headset to be a highly efficient option for conducting EEG tests. I appreciate the time savings that come with using the Zeto headset as compared to traditional EEG machines and single-use electrodes. In terms of the quality of EEG tests conducted using the Zeto headset, I believe it to be exceptional. I find the machine to be highly effective and user-friendly."

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