The Next-Gen Electroencephalography – Zeto

Zeto is a medical technology startup transforming the way EEG (Electroencephalography) is done at hospitals. They are solving a problem that has remained unsolved since EEG was invented in 1924, that is, an archaic, tedious approach that consumes time, requires a trained technician and puts the patient through a poor experience. This FDA approved wireless device is zero-prep, easy to wear headset with dry electrodes backed by a digital platform that offers instant upload, tools for analysis and remote interpretation by neurologists. Ena Sarkar meets the team and learns about this big disrupt in healthcare that opens new significant opportunities for conditions such as Epilepsy, Stroke, Concussion and Sleep disorders.

Read case studies from Dr. Virginia Thornley and Joe Charles of JLC Services to learn more about our EEG headset’s applications. Visit our FAQ page for more on Zeto’s next gen EEG headset.