Greenwood Leflore Hospital Elevates Patient Care with Advanced EEG Solutions

Greenwood, Mississippi, February 15, 2023 –

Greenwood Leflore Hospital in Greenwood, MS has recently upgraded its EEG capabilities with the implementation of a modern solution. The hospital, which has always prioritized offering in-house EEG tests for its patients, has adopted a technology that allows for a faster and more efficient EEG experience.

Patients can now benefit from a shorter setup time and a more convenient testing process, without the need for skin prep or gel. The new technology has received positive feedback from patients, who appreciate the faster scheduling, the lack of need for post-test hair washing and simplified testing process.

“The new EEG solution has been a valuable addition to our hospital,” says Steven Robinson, Director of Cardiopulmonary Care at Greenwood Leflore Hospital. “It offers a more efficient and patient-friendly approach to EEGs, while also providing high-quality results.”

“We are proud to support the improvements to patient care at Greenwood Leflore Hospital through the implementation of our EEG solution,” says Florian Strelzyk, Chief Sales Officer at Zeto, Inc. “Providing on-site testing is a crucial aspect of quality patient care and we are pleased to be able to contribute to this.”

The hospital’s ability to perform routine and urgent EEGs at a moment’s notice has also been improved, allowing for better patient care and a more streamlined experience. The EEG headset simplifies the testing process for both patients and healthcare providers.

In conclusion, Greenwood Leflore Hospital’s upgrade to its EEG capabilities has made EEG testing a quick and comfortable experience for patients, further enhancing the hospital’s commitment to providing top-notch care.

About Greenwood Leflore hospital:
Greenwood Leflore Hospital is a publicly-owned healthcare organization. The Hospital was established in 1906 by the King’s Daughters’ Society with the help of the City of Greenwood and Leflore County.