EEG Brain Monitoring Market Grows with Increased Demand for User-Friendly Products

Zeto’s CEO, Aswin Gunasekar, recently sat down with Scott Pantel from LSI – Life Science Intelligence™ to discuss the future of brain monitoring and how Zeto is addressing unmet needs in neurology. Aswin highlighted Zeto’s work in transforming clinical EEG for patients around the world.

Key points from the interview include:

About EEG market

The screening/routine EEG market in the US is quite large, with an estimated 5-6 million procedures performed annually in the office EEG space alone. The market for Epilepsy Monitoring Units (EMU) is also significant, and there is also a separate market for sleep disorder EEGs. Overall, the EEG brain monitoring market is large and growing, as it is being used for a wider range of neurological conditions, and the demand for products that make EEG acquisition and interpretation easier is increasing.

About Zeto ecosystem

We are building a comprehensive ecosystem that includes not just hardware but also cloud-based software capable of handling thousands of simultaneous uploads and downloads globally. Additionally, we envision opening our infrastructure to other experts in the field to develop specialized applications for conditions such as stroke rehabilitation, autism, and Alzheimer’s detection. This also allows us to integrate other EEG service provider applications for the existing market. This ecosystem was built from scratch with a long-term vision in mind, and it has proven to be successful for us.

Regarding the potential for a future partnership with a major technology company

We collect a lot of brainwave data, which is time-based and contains a lot of valuable information. This data can be anonymized and used for machine learning and AI. Tech companies like IBM, Verly, or Qualcomm are interested in this type of data and may be interested in acquiring a company like ours to extract value from our large patient database across various indications. It’s a long shot, but the potential is there.

Aswin will also be a speaker at the LSI USA ’23 Emerging Medtech Summit in March 2023.