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Can the headset be used on pediatric patients?

Yes, Zeto headset can be used on kids with a head circumference of at least 48 cm (about 3 years old).

At what age can Zeto be used?

We can record headset sizes from 48 cm to 62 cm head circumference or 3 years and up.

Can the patient lie down while wearing the headset?

Yes. We recommend placing a towel or a neck rest under the neck to keep the patient from rolling on the back of the headset.

Can Zeto headset be used on sleeping patients?

Yes. Watch these videos of sleeping patients.

Can the headset be on the patient when doing magnetic resonance (MR) imaging?

No. Our Zeto hardware is not safe for MR imaging. Do not take the headset close to or into an MR scanner. See . Since the headset can be taken off before an MRI scan and quickly put on (under 5 mins typically) right after it, MR imaging is not hampered by Zeto EEG.

What happens if the headset stops working or breaks?

The headset comes with a standard 1-year warranty, and warranty extensions are also available for purchase for up to 4 years. Depending on the purchased service level agreement, warranty replacements will arrive within 24-72 hours.

How do you disinfect the headset between patients?

The headset is a Class II medical device and is cleaned with appropriately concentrated isopropyl alcohol wipes. Our disposable electrode tips are single-patient use only and are thrown out after the recording is completed.

How do you use a photic light with the headset?

Any existing or third party strobe light that is cleared by the FDA for use in neurodiagnostics will work with our headset. The photic sensor on the front of the headset picks up the photic light patterns and translates these into a square-wave channel at the bottom of the EEG. This assures a wireless millisecond precise integration.

What type of video do you use?

We synchronize video from any internal or external camera: USB, IP, or computer camera. We do not sell dedicated Zeto cameras but support most off-the-shelf cameras with frame rates between 10-60 FPS.

How much does the headset cost?

The price range is based on features, service level agreement and purchase terms. Please contact our sales team for details.

Are there any annual fees? What are they?

We offer the choice to purchase software, warranty, and service contracts for up to 4 years in advance, and provide options to pay for these contracts 1 year at a time.

What are the service contract costs?

This varies based on service hours and scope of work. Please contact our sales team for details.

What are the billing codes?

You can bill the same CPT codes for EEGs as you do with traditional EEG equipment. Routine EEG codes include 95812, 95813, 95816, 95819, and 95822. Additional codes billable for Zeto are any that cover recordings up to 6 hours, including simultaneous video, for example, 95705, 95711, 95706, 95712, 95707, 95713, 95717, and 95718.