EEG Techs Face Challenges: Portable EEG Creates Solutions

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EEG Techs continue to be the gold standard for EEG administration, their training and expertise is crucial for meeting the neurodiagnostic needs of hospitals. Unfortunately, there is a massive nationwide shortage of EEG techs in the United States, and this significantly impacts the delivery of essential neurodiagnostic services throughout the country. This shortage not only strains healthcare systems, and causes delays in diagnosis and treatment, but also places an immense burden on EEG techs.

Zeto’s portable full-montage EEG headset offers a solution to this crisis. By simplifying and streamlining the EEG process, Zeto helps hospitals and medical centers to deftly navigate staffing shortages or a lack of availability of EEG techs on nights and weekends.

Zeto offers an EEG solution with seizure detection, video, and remote monitoring services, enabling hospitals and outpatient settings alike to maintain high-quality neurodiagnostic services even in the face of such staffing constraints.

Enhancing Productivity and Hospital Service Capabilities for EEG Techs

There is a massive nationwide shortage of EEG techs in the United States

In hospital settings, where the demand for EEG services is often high and continuous, the presence of a skilled EEG tech is invaluable. However, the current shortage of these professionals creates significant challenges. Zeto’s portable EEG headset is designed to address this gap, providing solutions that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of EEG services in hospitals.

Efficiency Improvements for EEG Techs:

Zeto’s headset simplifies the EEG setup and operation process. By reducing the time and effort required for placing electrodes and setting up, Zeto enables EEG techs to manage their workload with more ease.

EEG Techs can Delegate:

One of the key advantages of Zeto’s system is its ease of use, allowing EEG techs to quickly train other healthcare staff, such as nurses or other types of techs, such as respiratory therapists. If EEG tech is not available, support staff can step in. This capability is crucial for providing EEG services, especially during off-hours such as nights and weekends, or in the critical care and emergency departments.

Techs can Focus on Higher Level Duties:

With Zeto’s user-friendly system, EEG techs can dedicate more time to monitoring and annotating EEG readings, which are vital for accurate diagnoses. This shift in focus from setup to analysis enables EEG techs to apply their expertise where it matters most.

Upskilling for the Future:

As the healthcare industry evolves, there is a growing need for EEG techs to adapt and upskill. Technologies like Zeto not only provide immediate solutions to current challenges but also pave the way for techs to enhance their skills in areas like data analysis, remote monitoring, and advanced neurodiagnostic techniques.

Remote Validation of EEG Studies with Zeto’s Cloud Platform:

Zeto’s cloud platform enables EEG techs to remotely monitor EEG studies when the setup is performed by non-technical personnel. Utilizing live video, EEG techs can oversee EEGs in real-time from anywhere, ensuring the quality of each study. This remote capability is essential for maintaining high standards in EEGs, regardless of who performs the initial setup.

Use of Zeto’s portable EEG headset for hospitals is a significant step forward in managing the current EEG tech shortage. By enhancing efficiency, facilitating skill development, and ensuring continuous high-quality EEG services, Zeto helps hospitals to better manage their challenges, and to deliver excellent healthcare.

Improve Outpatient EEG Services Using Portable EEG 

In outpatient settings, the EEG tech shortage presents unique challenges, particularly in terms of efficiency and patient throughput. Zeto’s wireless EEG headset addresses these challenges head-on, contributing to improvements in how EEG services are delivered in outpatient clinics.

Reduction in Setup and Cleanup Time:

Traditionally, EEG setup and cleanup can take up to an hour, burdening both the EEG tech and the patient. Zeto’s portable EEG system reduces this to just a few minutes.

Minimal Space Requirements and Increased Flexibility:

The need for a sink and extensive setup space, as required for conventional EEG, is eliminated with Zeto’s portable EEG headset. Clinics can conduct EEG tests with just a bed or chair, making better use of available space. This compact setup allows a single tech to manage multiple EEG sessions simultaneously, with EEG data accessible via the cloud.

Enhanced Patient Throughput:

With Zeto, the primary limit to conducting EEGs is the number of headsets available. This capability to run multiple sessions concurrently significantly increases patient throughput, a vital factor in busy outpatient settings.

Streamlined Data Management:

Zeto’s cloud-based system means that data transfer concerns are a thing of the past. EEG techs no longer need to spend time ensuring data is properly transferred and stored, as it’s automatically synced to the cloud and accessible for whomever needs it, instantaneously.

Focus on Value-Added Patient Care:

Freed from time-consuming setup and data management tasks, techs can focus more on direct patient care, education, and comfort. This shift not only enhances the patient experience but also provides more job satisfaction for techs.

Patient Satisfaction and Comfort:

Zeto offers a more comfortable, shorter, and cleaner experience for patients. The use of no-residue electrodes that do not use gels or pastes, means there’s no need for a patient to wash their hair afterwards. It works perfectly with different hair types, including kinky, coil, and braided hair.

Expanding EEG Setup Skills Across Your Team with Zeto:

In outpatient settings where EEG techs might not always be available, Zeto’s system offers a practical solution. Any staff member, such as a medical assistant, can be trained to do the EEG setup. This flexibility allows clinics to utilize their resources more efficiently, ensuring that EEG services are readily available when needed. With Zeto, clinics can schedule patients for EEGs swiftly, enhancing patient care and operational efficiency even with limited staffing.

Zeto’s portable EEG headset addresses the critical challenges posed by the EEG tech shortage. By enabling more efficient use of time and resources, reducing the need for extensive physical infrastructure, and enhancing the quality of patient care, Zeto is setting a new standard in outpatient neurodiagnostic services.

To learn more about Zeto’s wireless, dry-electrode, full-montage EEG headset with real-time remote monitoring and seizure detection, please contact us to schedule a chat and a demo.