Zeto's wireless EEG machine

7 Core Benefits of Portable EEG for Growing Hospitals

In critical care, every second counts. Zeto’s portable EEG system cuts through complexity, offering a seamless solution that far out-delivers the competitors. Is it cumbersome? Far from it. Is it fast? Absolutely. Is it complete? With full-montage capabilities versus other portable EEG systems’ limited channels, it redefines thoroughness in EEG technology.

Zeto’s portable EEG has everything required for on-the-spot, point-of-care service without added demands on facility resources. For critical care monitoring, this is the only full-montage portable EEG that offers bedside monitoring with seizure detection. Unlike traditional systems, Zeto’s portable EEG is rapid, cloud-based, and real-time with video. Zeto also offers 24/7 remote monitoring and interpretation services — these can be ordered directly from the platform. 

Read on to discover the seven core benefits that Zeto’s portable EEG technology brings to growing hospitals, enhancing patient care and operational efficiency. 

Benefit #1) Signal Quality: Clarity in Every Reading

Zeto's dry-electrode portable EEG provides high quality results.Reliable EEG data is the backbone of neurodiagnostic accuracy. Zeto ensures that signal quality is never compromised. With full-montage 10-20 placement and advanced technology that shields and removes noise, the data captured is non-inferior to traditional EEG. This precision is what sets Zeto apart, allowing for confident clinical decision-making.

Data is streamed to a secure cloud platform that provides live viewing with video. Physicians access this high-quality data in real-time from anywhere, directly impacting patient care efficiency. Zeto’s commitment to signal integrity means that every reading is rapid and reliable.

For an in-depth look at how Zeto maintains superior signal quality, refer to our article, “Comparison of Dry Electrode EEG System with Conventional EEG System.” You can also review our published abstract on this topic at the American Epilepsy Society.

Benefit #2) Portable EEG Offers Ease of Use and Rapid Setup

Zeto’s EEG technology redefines hospital efficiency with its plug-and-play design.

Any member of your staff can be trained to administer Zeto EEG. If an EEG technician is not available, a health care professional can be trained to use Zeto EEG.

Setup is swift, taking less than five minutes from its case to your patient’s bedside and the dry electrodes eliminate the need for a time-consuming messy setup and clean-up. This simplicity accelerates patient throughput, enabling technologists and clinicians to focus on diagnostics rather than device preparation. With Zeto’s system, hospitals can reduce downtime and streamline their EEG operations.

Visit our device page to learn more and to see the EEG headset in action, and watch our usage videos to witness firsthand the ease of setup that Zeto offers.

Benefit #3) Patient Comfort: A Top Priority with Portable EEG

Comfort during EEG tests is a patient’s right, not a luxury. Zeto’s portable EEG headsets are designed with this principle in mind. The lightweight (1.4lb or 650 g) and adjustable design minimizes the strain on patients, making the experience as stress-free as possible. By using dry electrodes and eliminating the need for gels and pastes, our headsets also do away with the discomfort of traditional systems.

This patient-centered approach not only improves the EEG experience but also facilitates better compliance and quality of results. When patients are at ease, EEG recordings are done faster, providing clinicians clinical-grade EEG data for diagnosis and treatment planning.

For a closer look at how Zeto prioritizes patient comfort and its impact on care, view our patient page. 

Benefit #4) Zeto Offers Versatility in Patient Care

Zeto’s EEG headset is suitable for both adult and pediatric patients. This adaptability ensures that hospitals can provide high-quality EEG services across a diverse patient demographic. The headset’s adjustable nature allows for a comfortable fit for various head sizes, reflecting the device’s broad utility in a clinical environment.

For additional information on the headset’s versatile applications, please visit our FAQ page.

Benefit #5) Bedside Notifications and Ease of Monitoring

Efficient monitoring is key in critical care. Zeto’s EEG technology brings this efficiency directly to the patient’s bedside. Zeto offers near real-time notification of ongoing seizures by using reliable FDA-cleared seizure detection software. Seizures are automatically identified and highlighted in the EEG for review. Near real-time detection promptly informs medical staff about patients experiencing ongoing clinical seizures. With laptop-based monitoring, an ICU nurse becomes a vital link, swiftly alerting physicians to significant findings.

These bedside notifications are designed to enhance vigilance without overwhelming the staff, streamlining the observation process. They serve as an extension of the care team’s capabilities, ensuring that attention is drawn when it matters most.

For detailed information on how Zeto’s bedside alerts improve patient monitoring, read our recent article about EEG in the ICU.

Benefit #6) 24/7 Real-Time Remote Monitoring with Expert Oversight

Access to immediate EEG data and expert analysis is critical for any hospital. Zeto portable EEG systems offer real-time remote monitoring, with registered EEG technicians available to review and flag critical issues in EEG reports. When Zeto customers need EEG specialists, they can simply click on a service request button in the Zeto software, which notifies the monitoring service. With Zeto portable EEG, abnormalities are promptly identified, facilitating quick intervention.

Hospitals utilizing Zeto’s advanced EEG solutions can also benefit from expedited interpretation and clinical guidance. We partner with qualified reading and monitoring services that stand ready to provide expert analysis and recommendations. Patient care decisions are informed by specialist insights, anytime they’re needed.

For a comprehensive view of how Zeto’s remote monitoring services enhance patient care, refer to our article on the topic by clicking here.

Benefit #7) Reduced Costs to Hospitals

Zeto’s EEG system seamlessly integrates with standard billing practices, enabling billing as with a similar full montage EEG.

Incorporating a portable EEG device into a hospital’s diagnostic arsenal can potentially lead to:

  • Reduced Overhead Costs: Portable devices often require less setup and maintenance, decreasing operational costs.
  • Increased Patient Throughput: Faster setup times can lead to more tests conducted per day, enhancing service capacity.
  • Expanded Service Offering: The ability to perform EEGs in various settings, including at the patient’s bedside, attracts patients seeking convenience and comfort.
  • Optimized Utilization of Staff: Simplified operation allows a broader range of staff to conduct EEG tests, potentially reducing the need for specialized technicians.
  • Reduce Patient Transfer Cost: Diagnose patients on-site instead of sending them away.

With the Zeto portable EEG’s swift, dry electrode, full-montage capabilities, Zeto simplifies neurodiagnostic procedures, offering a seamless and efficient solution for growing hospitals. From ensuring top-notch signal quality to providing patient comfort and 24/7 remote monitoring, Zeto delivers on all fronts—without necessitating specialized operators be on-site and available at all times, easing their workload without compromising care.

The integration of Zeto’s EEG technology not only elevates the standard of patient care but also reduces operational costs and enhances your hospital’s services. Its versatility extends from adult to pediatric care, embodying the essence of adaptability in modern healthcare.

Contact us to learn more and to schedule a demo or consultation. You’ll discover how our technology can advance your hospital’s neurodiagnostic capabilities. Join us in leading the change towards better, more efficient patient care.