Boris Khamishon, M.D

“I’ve been remotely reading EEGs done by the Zeto EEG headset for one of my local colleagues through Zeto’s EEG cloud platform since the beginning of 2022. How it works: EEGs are done in the clinic here in San Diego by trained staff. The EEG is streamed and saved in real-time to the Zeto cloud and I receive a notification when the recording is finished. At that point, I go online, read the EEG study, and prepare the report. Overall, the process is easy, fast, and straightforward. 

The software is thought through and works seamlessly. The biggest advantage is the Zeto report writer. The template features for the report are designed perfectly for a neurologist’s needs, and it’s very easy to make adjustments. The program is also easy to maneuver, and you can read the EEGs from any computer or device with a stable internet connection using the same login credentials.

The training process to start using the Zeto software took about 1 hour, and after that, I was able to work with it. This is a great modern tool that allows me to read EEGs safely, securely, and quickly. It’s a pleasure to work with Zeto’s EEG cloud platform. “