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Upfront Purchase

  • $1,750 discount
  • 20 sets of electrodes (for 20 patients)
  • Six months of trending and seizure detection new features

Value of discount: $3,800

Pay Per Patient

  • Discounted Price Per Patient.
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  • Six months of trending and seizure detection new features

Value of discount: $3,650

Price Per Patient
Consumables + Headset + Software
Average # of patients / Month 43 24 13 6
Minimum Term / Month 18 24 30 36
Own it After / Month 32 40 48 56
Users Per Headset 5 5 5 5

$65 $62

$80 $76

$95 $89

$125 $115

What Zeto EEG Offers

  • Wireless, quick to apply headset (full 10 -20 montage)
  • Secure cloud platform for seamless EEG/video streaming
  • End to End EEG analysis tools, trending, seizure detection
  • Remote EEG reading service by board-certified neurologists
  • Remote Routine and cEEG monitoring by accredited monitoring service providers

Zeto Should Be Used

  • To Triage Patients Quickly
  • For Routine EEGs
  • For cEEG Up To 4 Hours

Our Customers Share
Their Experiences

Todd Masel, M.D., B.B.A Director, Epilepsy Program Associate Professor Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs

We started using Zeto this year at our large university hospital in order to get our EEGs done faster. A Zeto EEG contains a full set of EEG electrodes and it only takes 5-15 minutes to set up (compared to 1-2 hours for a conventional EEG), and can be applied by anyone after a very short instructional session. The system includes an artifact reduction tool which significantly increases the quality of the recording. In terms of application time, the Zeto system is over 400% more efficient than a conventional EEG machine. The fact that the person applying the Zeto doesn’t have to be an EEG technologist is very useful as well. Overall the system works very well for my needs as an Epilepsy Director.

Virginia Thornley, M.D. Board-Certified Neurologist, Epileptologist Elite Neurology

The first time I heard about the novel concept of dry electrodes, I was immediately intrigued. I am so excited to incorporate the highly innovative Zeto dry electrode technology into my new solo practice. The incorporation of this technology is seamless and excellent, the waveforms are high quality. It is perfect for a private practice owner such as myself as I can easily throw it on in minutes which is far less time compared to the conventional electrodes using gel. Taking it off is an easy 1 minute. I quickly change settings with the touch of a button. I strongly recommend this to my neurological colleagues looking for excellent EEG equipment that is not only easy to use but easy to incorporate in a busy practice.

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